Community Centres
Community Centres

Rangoonwala Community Centres

Our Community Centres are physical spaces in the midst of Mumbai’s slums, which women and children can call their own. Our activity centric model draws them to the Centre and then engages them in a series of development initiatives. This journey to empowerment is through a range of activities focusing on capacity building and health. Our six Centres in Premnagar, Subashnagar-Bandrekarwadi and Shivtekdi in Jogeshwari (east), Mahakali in Andheri (east); Anandwadi and Pathanwadi in Malad(east) are the hubs which enable us to engage with people in a series of centre based and community based activities. Our capacity building work is through a range of around 40 vocational and other trainings/activities. Our health work promotes health seeking behavior among women through health awareness and a health tracking system of health camps and consultation clinics.

Our Work

Work with Children

The pressure of academics, specially for first generation learners does not leave much scope for their wholistic development. Neither do they get opportunities in their immediate environment for this. Our Camps in the Summer and Divali vacations and a regular engagement through Bal Umang – Centre based, Home based and Community based, attempts to address this.


Work with Youth

Capacity building through our Yuva Saarthi – personality development, career guidance and life skills trainings help our youth gear up for the future. Our Reflect Group processes build perspective on community issues, facilitate critical thinking and hone values that prepare youth to take ownership of issues that affect their day to day life and immediate environment.

Work with Women

Any activity that a community woman chooses to associate with our Centre, is a starting point for us to engage with her in development processes. This is done through our various health initiatives like health talks , health camps like Anemia, Cancer , Osteoporosis, Hypertension & Diabetes detection, Kidney Status tracking for those at risk ; Health Consultation Clinics and referrals .
Yoga and Counseling further aid overall well being.
We focus on capacity building through skill building that contributes to self esteem, social recognition and earned incomes. Entrepreneurship development is an integral part of our work. Trainings like Mehendi, Massage, Beautician, Hand embroidery , Jewelry making, Warli painting, Cake & Chocolate making, Rangoli , Flower making etc. ensure that women do not have to invest much capital or dedicate space in cramped homes to practice their skills and earn incomes .

Senior Citizen

Work with Senior Citizens

Increased life expectancy and the related socio-economic issues that it creates in the fabric of life is a reality that senior citizens live with. Our Aashayein Clubs at the Centers where women senior citizens meet every week and are engaged in processes through carefully planned activity modules is a respite that energizes them for the rest of the week. They call it their “booster dose”! Monthly get togethers, exposure visits, computer literacy, summer camps etc. are planned for them. Their dance performance at RF(I)T events is something that everyone looks forward to!

Work with Groups

As a Community Centric need based intervention, we take a group approach too. Our TB programme, Monthly Open Forums, Outreach work, Counseling are a few examples.