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Our information sharing and awareness Campaigns have emerged out of our experiences   of interacting with patients and students over the years. While the support component of our programmes enables us to lessen the burden of a few, we reach out to and seek to empower many more through our Campaigns.

Satark Patients Rights Campaign

Satark makes Citizens aware of their Rights as Patients. Access to treatment is difficult and costs spiral as people do not have simple information to seek their entitlements. Our Mareez Haak Abhiyaan seeks to remedy this by reaching out to people through multiple outreach strategies.

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Chronic Kidney Disease Awareness Campaign

Prevention is better than cure. With this adage as our mantra, our CKD awareness campaign spearheaded by Ekta Support Group of CKD patients and their families attempts to make people aware about the causes, likely symptoms , the need for timely diagnosis and proper medical care to prevent kidney failure. For those who were not able to check it in time and are saddled with lifelong treatment costs, information on Government schemes as well as cost effective treatment centres is also shared.

Tuberculosis Awareness Campaign

Mumbai has the dubious distinction of being the TB capital of the country. India has almost 25% of the World’s TB patient load. Our Awareness Campaign sensitizes people about TB, it’s symptoms, need for timely diagnosis, free treatment and other benefits provided by the Government. We try to break myths and also address the social stigma around TB.

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Utthaan Right to Higher Education Campaign

Privatization of higher education has meant that the huge costs make it only an out of reach aspiration for the resource poor. Utthaan campaigns for Affordable, Available, Accessible and Quality (AAAQ) Higher Education as a Right.

A Day In The Life Of A CKD Patient